Penis Enlargerment Pump(Toy for male)


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Bigger, longer erections better Handsome Up, vacuum pump to increase penis size in length and larger. By sucking the air out of the cylinder. Causing a vacuum This causes blood to the penis area more. Erection better Enlarged size When used regularly.
Afforded the Handsome Up to help delay ejaculation. Saeed and more.
Just 10 minutes a day using the device for only 10 minutes each day executive Handsome Up penis continued. Make Penis Bigger Zen Entertainment average 3 meters.
Rapid Recover package, then that really works !! Vacuum Pump Handsome Up award-winning Golden Brain Awad 1977


transparent plastic cylinder (Clear Cylinder) 1 piece.

  •  Silicone rubber cone Cole (O-Ring) 3 piece (s).
  •  breeze (Air Tube) 1 piece.
  •  Squeeze the hand pump / pump rubber (Rubber Bulb Hand Pump) 1 piece.
  • Model number: AWT830
  • Order number: 004

    • Usage
    •  Cover silicone rubber cone barrel.
    •  inserted into the penis and then pump a little. The rest will gradually into the end.
    •  If the penis is not fully attached to it. Or feel tense penis Press release air and try again.
    •  Pump feel tight penis (may hurt a little), leave for 10-15 minutes and then deflate.suggestion
    •  Use time 10-15 minutes (per day) should not pump too long.
    •  The pump should not hurt too much. The pump until I feel a little sore enough.
    •  The first use could cause the foreskin swelling. Which will heal in 2-3 days.
    • The results are
    •  used to treat clotting In people with problems from diabetes.
    •  larger and longer than before. There can be more frequent.
    •  Power and orgasms. Without fatigue incredible.
    •  increased endurance can perform missions for a long time. Can not cure premature ejaculation
    •  sexual response easier. You will be hard with many more !!!to take care of
    •  Store at room temperature Do not the sun because the silicone jacket at the earliest.
    •  When used infrequently If the wind is not plugged firmly or slip off. Use a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and then reinsert it.
    •  Sanitation After use, wash the “rods” and “cones” with water.
    additionalThe working principle of enlargement Handsome Up stimulates cells to increase awareness of the stretch. Because blood and oxygen. Circulate better (Clinical use in patients with diabetes) increases in size by natural means without having to eat no foreign substances injected into the body. Safe with no side effects for 10-15 minutes, should not take more than 30 minutes / session


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