Realist – Vibrating Silicone Dildo(Toy for woman)

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Product Description

Product Description

The famous American erotic actor penis mold refined, flesh-colored design, the appearance of soft, exquisite, delicate, feel likerealskin, can bring you real enjoyment; vibration massage effect, giving women multiple stimulation, can achieve multiple orgasms. Choice for the modern independent woman masturbation devices. Through massage the sensitive parts of women, endocrine regulation, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of life. This applies to goods elderly sexual functionweaken or long-termliving without the law obstacle to the women; couple separated in two places, a strong woman sexuality, and divorced or single woman; especially recommended for the pursuit of high quality life experience, successful women.
Length 19.2cm, diameter 4.3cm. A loaded.
Medical Polymer non-toxic materials
Correctly install the battery (this product using two 5 batteries)
(2) prior to use with 75% alcohol scrub disinfection products, products coated with suitable lubricant (recommended used together with condoms)
Inserted into the body, start switch, until the climax
4 Off switch, and exit from the body.
The apparatus for personal use should pay attention to hygiene before and after use; cleaning after the use of this apparatus, thecircuit part of the Do not contact with water, to avoid circuit breakdown; jacket should not with ink and other dirt easily; collection before the battery box remove the battery, utensils into the box, according to the original location of each collection well placed for the next use.
Soft touch in India
Soft touch  for women
Model number:AWT8899
order number:09210


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