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fashion product currently on the market, the best-selling male masturbation devices, by the United States imported materials and medical super-soft rubber refining, to represent the world-class level of process is made, feel like real skin delicate, soft bring you to really feel. Built-in sound vibration eggs, let you enjoy the ecstasy of the

tremor. This applies to goods elderly sexual function abate or long-term living without the law an obstacle to men; couple separated in two places, the strong desire of men, and divorced or single men; especially recommended to the pursuit of quality life experience, successful men.

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[use] 1, the battery is installed correctly (This product uses three batteries) , with 75% of medical alcohol scrubbing disinfection products before using products coated with suitable lubricant 3, wear a condom on the male genitalia and coated with suitable lubricant 4 male genital insert within the appliance until the climax, ejaculation 5, exit from the apparatus within the male genitalia.

Note:This product is for personal use, pay attention to cleaning before and after use use the right amount of lubricant and effective parts cleaning; better; condom use is suggested; heart disease, high blood pressure, skin partial injury with caution; minors declined to use this product.jharsuguda adult toy store in jajpur adult toy

 New product

10 inch

2.8 dia



2AA Battery

19 Items

Model number:AWT5511

Order number:8866

Length: 6.5 inches to 8 inches

Material: Realistic

Colors: Beige

Width: 1.50 inches

Gender: Female & Male (Both)

45 Items

Model number:AWT6600

Order number:60064

Strap-On Lets You Sport Your Very Own Erection!

Here’s a strap-on that’s as close to the real thing as you can get! You can feel the details! From his engorged head, down the veiny 6 1/2″ long shaft to his big balls –– this 1 1/2″ wide PVC dong works great on its own or with the harness! A suction cup base holds it still for solo thrusting. Adjustable to 44″ waist keeps your dong in place.